Gordon is stuck in the Netherlands: ‘Completely ridiculous that panic’

Gordon would not have been allowed on the flight because he has recently been to South Africa. “Good then,” he begins his post. ‘Despite extensive testing, we did not come along on both Emirates and KLM to Dubai. Another week in the rain. Completely ridiculous that panic with this shit virus. Just make it cozy at home. The world has gone mad really!’

Gordon’s statement is striking as he previously announced that he took the corona measures very seriously and called on everyone to comply with the rules.

About two weeks ago, he also pulled fiercely in a now-deleted Instagram post. The singer then said that he has absolutely no understanding for people who do not get vaccinated. ‘In the Netherlands, fifteen percent or more fools are killing the economy! I’m done with those people.’

Gordon was in the final of . last weekend K2 looking for K3 and then caused some commotion. Many people were concerned that the singer looked quite snotty and sweaty, having recently arrived from South Africa. Samantha Steenwijk, who was also present at the final, explains how this works exactly:


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