Gordon has been missing his mother for 10 years

Although it’s been a decade, saying goodbye to his mother feels “like yesterday” to Gordon. The presenter reflects on the ‘indelibly beautiful memories of her jokes and fun’ on Instagram. ‘Making her dream come true to go to Las Vegas and her legendary visit to Moscow, where she supports me with’ Shine ‘,’ explains Gordon, who misses her ‘completely now’.

“My mom was one with a manual, but I need her more than ever,” said an emotional Gordon. In addition, he is convinced that Marie was the angel on his shoulder during the robbery two weeks ago and that she ‘saved him again’. ‘I am sure of that’, he says. So today I will be quiet, be a child again, to let her know how immeasurably I miss her. Forever’.

Gordon was not only the victim of a robbery, but was also infected with corona. So a tough period for the singer. He does not like that he was accused of endangering the elderly when he visited a care home. The singer was furious that people thought that he would visit a risk group with corona. You can see all about it in the video below.

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