Gordon fiercely infected with corona after stories about a visit to a retirement home

The magazine has since adapted its reporting online, but firmly claimed that several eyewitnesses saw Gordon on September 26 in the Rosa Spier House in Laren. This was a day before it became known that he was infected with the virus. Gordon was present in the nursing home because Tineke de Nooij provided a radio broadcast from the Rosa Spier Huis.

On Sunday, September 26, a spokesperson for SBS 6 announced that Gordon had tested positive for the corona virus. He had been tested earlier that week for his work on the program 100 years young. “Despite the fact that Gordon showed no complaints, his result turned out to be positive last week,” a spokesman said at the time.

Gordon’s management says that the singer is ‘more than aware of the risks of the corona virus’, they say to RTL Boulevard. “For that reason, he has been preventively tested for infection with the virus twice a week for some time. Until the preventive test on September 21, the results were always negative. In the period after this test, Gordon also had no Covid-19. complaints. But after the preventive Covid-19 test in the morning of September 26, unfortunately, Covid-19 was detected late in the evening. Gordon was then immediately quarantined. “

“So there has been absolutely no question of Gordon deliberately undertaking activities in public spaces with Covid-19 contamination on September 26, as some media outlets have published today,” he said. “On the contrary, with regard to the Covid-19 virus, Gordon has always done everything he can to prevent health risks to others. Until the result late on September 26 at night, there was no reason to believe that he was with the Covid. -19 virus was infected because of the previous negative tests. But Gordon has nevertheless always kept a distance of 1.5 meters from people in his environment, in accordance with the RIVM guidelines. “

Talpa does not want to comment on the incident because it is a private matter. The presenter said on his Instagram account that he was furious with the Story and its claims. “What a filthy lying piece,” he wrote in a now-deleted post.

Gordon was also the victim of a brutal robbery that same Saturday. Below you can see everything about it.

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