Goose: Laura Codruța Kovesi wants to become the president of Romania in 2024

Cozmin Gușă, during the show “Deferiți mass-media” from DC News, made some assessments regarding the ambitions that Laura Codruța Kovesi, the current European Chief Prosecutor, has for her to run in 2024.

In the opinion of Cozmin Gușă, the former head of DNA wants to run in 2024. The political consultant also reminded, in the context in which the former US ambassador to Romania Mark Gitenstein was appointed US ambassador to the EU, that he will restore the team with Laura Codruța Kovesi.

Subsequently, Gușă specified that, in the perspective of the 2024 presidential elections, he is convinced that Laura Codruța Kovesi will run on the “model of Moldova”, referring to the victory of Maia Sandu.

“No one can tell me anything else will happen. She wants (no – to run in the 2024 presidential elections in Romania.). This is her ambition“, Said Gușă.

We remind you that in October 2019 the Council of the European Union appointed Laura Codruţa Kovesi to the position of European Chief Prosecutor. The appointment was subsequently confirmed by the European Parliament.

Until that moment, Laura Codruţa Kovesi was a prosecutor in the General Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania. She previously held various prosecutor positions during her career in Romania, including that of DNA’s chief prosecutor.

The European Prosecutor’s Office will be based in Luxembourg, and Laura Codruţa Kovesi will have a seven-year term, which cannot be renewed. Its responsibility will be to organize the activity of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, namely to represent this institution, to direct its actions and to ensure its proper functioning, the European Commission also states.



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