Google plans to convert YouTube to a shopping site … know what to do

A Bloomberg report revealed that YouTube Recently, some content creators have been asked to indicate the products they offer in their videos, and the company reportedly plans to link these elements to the shopping and analytics tools provided by Google, above the Bloomberg report. The ultimate goal of the company is to re-convert YouTube into a comprehensive shopping destination. You can view and buy almost anything you see on the platform, and at the same time, test new integrations with the e-commerce platform. Shopify.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed to Bloomberg The site is testing some of the advantages of e-commerce, explaining that they told the creators that they would have the right to control the products that are displayed on their channel, but they did not share any additional details about the plan.

The transition to e-commerce can be very beneficial for YouTube, as there are countless videos that include reviews and reviews for many products, so they will be ideal for converting views into purchases.

And Google seems to be thinking the same thing. During a recent earnings call, Sandar Pichai, CEO of the company, said Alphabet , The company can turn the videos into a shopping opportunity, and this is something that would allow the company to grow YouTube to exceed the $ 15 billion in revenue it achieved at the end of last year.


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