Google could lay off thousands of its employees

Village: Some media have reported that Google may lay off thousands of employees for financial reasons.

According to the information available, “Google is considering laying off 10,000 employees, or about 60% of its employees, due to the decline in its material resources, and the layoffs will depend on a new employee evaluation system that Google may launch at any time early next year.”

For its part, the website The Information, citing informed sources, indicated that “Google, like other major technology companies, had increased the number of its employees during the spread of the Corona epidemic due to the growing demand for Internet services in that moment, which in turn led to an increase in the volume of expenses and wages for those companies.” .

In early November, the American company “Meta” also announced its plan to lay off large employees that could affect 11,000 people, after announcing a drop in its annual profits in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period in ‘Last year.

On the other hand, the media had indicated that Amazon is planning large employee layoffs that could affect 10,000 people.

Source: (Dress)

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