Google celebrates the birth of Abdel Hussein Abdel Reda… an intense artistic career

Today, Tuesday, search engine Google celebrates the birth of Kuwaiti artist Abdul Hussein Abdul Reda by placing an expressive image of him on the front of its homepage, honoring him for his rich artistic career.

The great artist Abdel Hussein Abdel Reda was born on December 6, 1939 and passed away on August 11, 2017.

Abdul Reda is considered one of the Gulf’s most famous artists. As he is regarded as one of the pioneers of acting in the Arabian Gulf; With his dramatic and theatrical works, he recounted the most important events of the twentieth century.

The late artist Abdel Mohsen Abdel Reda

Born in the eastern region of Kuwait, he worked early in his life in the printing department of the Ministry of Guidance and Information, then traveled at the ministry’s expense on a fact-finding mission to Egypt to study printing arts in 1956, and also traveled on a similar mission to Germany in 1961, then returned to Kuwait and was included in government work and retired in 1979.

Abdul-Ridha has held a number of positions, including the owner and “President of the Arts Center for Theater and Television Arts Production” and “Artistic Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Theater”, and has also held the position of “Kuwaiti Syndicate of artists and the media.

He has presented a number of plays, as well as his debut opposite the late great artist Zaki Tulaimat, and has his own influential and unforgettable roles, especially the roles that embody the periods of liberation of Arab countries from colonialism.

He started his artistic work in the early sixties of the 20th century with the play ‘Saqr Quraish’ after which he presented many prominent works in theater and television where he became famous in television series ‘The Slippery Path’ , “Al -Aqdar”, “Qased Khair” and “Zaman Al-Eskafi”. and ‘Maqasis Market’, and has also presented a number of plays, including ‘By Bye London’, ‘Bani Samit’ and ‘Ali Haman, O Pharaoh’. .

He also experimented with stage and television writing, music composition and singing. The late artist Abd al-Ridha was known for the beauty of his voice. Where he had experience in singing as well as acting, in the operetta of the 17th Gulf Cup.

The diseases have not left him, as he suffered several crises from 2003 while filming the series “Al-Hayala” to 2017 between August 11 and 12, when he passed away in the British capital, London.

Abdul Reda’s latest television work was a series called ‘Selfie’ in 2017, in which he acted in two episodes titled ‘My Father’s Heart’ with artist Nasser Al-Qasabi.

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