Google AR Glasses Daily Life Test … Expands to United States -> Canada

Google extends daily life testing using augmented reality (AR) glasses from the United States to Canada.

The test has been conducted on a small scale in an open environment since August, with dozens of Google employees wearing prototype AR glasses. In November, small-scale testing will be expanded to select Google employees in Waterloo and Toronto, Canada.

Google’s AR glasses prototype shows subtitles translated through a lens while another person is speaking. English, Chinese and Spanish translations are currently supported. It doesn’t support taking photos and videos, but is used to leverage image data to enable experiences such as translating menus right in front of your eyes or guiding you to a nearby café.

“We are testing with the goal of improving the overall usability of the smart glasses by ensuring the durability of the device and optimizing the user experience,” said Google. However, some places such as schools, government buildings, health facilities, schools, places of worship and social care facilities are excluded from the test.

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