Goodbye to Popular Insurance; Insabi will work from January 1

The institute informed that people “will no longer need to go to a module, join and receive a policy; they will not have to pay annual fees to be treated in medical units as was the case before.”

As of this January 1 the Institute of Health for Welfare (Insabi), created by the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to replace the Popular Insurance, will offer medical care and medications free of charge and without restrictions for all your beneficiaries.

The Insabi detailed in a release that, to be taken care of, beneficiaries will not need to join or pay fees and they must only present their National Electoral Institute credential, their Unique Population Registration Code (CURP) or their birth certificate.

The Institute reiterated that with these facilities, people “they will no longer need to go to a module, join and receive a policy; nor will they have to pay annual fees to be treated in the medical units as was the case before ”.

He added that the new law states that to receive the free provision of health services, only they must meet three requirements: be in national territory; not be a right holder in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Institute of Social Security and Services of State Workers (ISSSTE), and present an official identification document.

“The Insabi starts functions on January 1, 2020 as a decentralized body of the Ministry of Health and the services that it will offer will be under criteria of universality, equality and inclusion“He added.

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The creation of Insabi was approved by the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies last October to replace Popular Insurance.

Deputy Miroslava Sánchez Galván (Morena), president of the Health Commission, said that with the reforms create a new public health model, aimed especially at people who lack access to health services and medications that are around 64 million people

“The welfare health model is based on primary health care, directed especially for the population without social security and implies that Mexicans have the right to quality, comprehensive, free, ambulatory and hospital medical care, including materials, medications, clinical exams. That is, health services, comprehensive and universal, ”he said.

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