Goodbye to Ammann Baumann and Vice Kaufmann to Gmeind


Over ten years in office: Ammann and Vice-Minister at the Gmeind said goodbye – and waved the budget through

At the Zufiker community meeting, the leadership duo of the community council – Ammann Christian Baumann and Vice-Mayor Karl Kaufmann – had the last official appearance in office.

Were bid farewell at the Zufiker Gmeind: Vice-Mayor Karl Kaufmann (left) and Mayor Christian Baumann.


The Zufiker community meeting was special for Mayor Christian Baumann and Vice-Minister Karl Kaufmann on Thursday evening. They had their last share in office. Baumann had been Ammann for 11 years and on the local council for 14 years. Kaufmann was a member of the council from 2000 to 2003 and again since 2014.

At the end of the evening they were approved by the 102 voters present with great applause. As a thank you, they each received a bouquet of flowers and a gift voucher. The subsequent aperitif – outside in front of the hall – was often used for personal farewells.

Politically, the sovereign previously approved loans for the renovation of Weidstrasse and the new electricity smart meter system. In addition, an adaptation of the building and usage regulations through the harmonization of construction terms and the increase in usage density in the single-family house zone was approved.

With 96 against 1 vote, the green light for the 2022 budget with the unchanged tax rate of 85 percent was also given. An amendment from the assembly for a tax rate of 80 percent was clearly rejected with 2 against 86 votes.

Farewells at the Zufiker Gmeind

  • Municipal council
    Christian Baumann, mayor
    Karl Kaufmann, Vice-Minister
  • Community finance commission
    Jan Brinker, President
    Walter Bärtsch, member
  • School maintenance
    Claudia Cocco, President
    Johanna Amsler
    Natascha Brunold
    Daniela Müller
  • Polling station
    Sanela Mahmuljin, teller (absent)
    Klaus Kunisch, replacement teller


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