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Balanced audio output
– Lightweight and pocket-sized
– Companion app provides audio customization
Good battery life, close to 24 hours
IPX4 sweat resistance
Decent call quality

The controls could have been smarter
The buds don’t have magnetic tips to hold them together
Not fast charging

price: 1699 rupees

Rating: 3.5 / 5

The Rs 2,000 wireless speaker category in India is a hot category largely dominated by the likes of Boat, OnePlus and Realme. Sony, which usually plays in one or two more categories, has decided to take a slice of this pie with the WI-C100 wireless neckband. Will a premium brand cut the corner too much or raise the bar in this segment? Time to see what the Sony WI-C100 brings to the table.

Image credit: Tech2 | Amia Dalvey

Sony WI-C100: design and comfort (6.5 / 10)
The Sony WI-C100 is an unusual looking wireless tape. Well, technically, there is no plastic or rubber shoulder strap to wrap around the neck. You only have a flat cable that connects between the two cases that house the battery and the controls. The pavilions are attached to the horns by thin circular threads. While the build quality isn’t too reassuring, I’d like to give Sony’s QC department the benefit of the doubt given their impressive track record.

The horns and earphones look clearly knitted, but the quality of the plastic used doesn’t look bad. It has a nice matte finish and looks great, especially the black variant we got for our review. You can also have multiple color variations. The C100 is incredibly light (around 20 grams) and you don’t feel any discomfort in your neck even after hours of use. You can just roll it up and put it in your pocket when you are not using it as there is no stiff tie here.

Sony WI-C100 design review

Image credit: Tech2 | Amia Dalvey

The aforementioned pods house a battery and physical buttons for media playback and volume control. You have a multi-function button and a rocker that can also be used to skip to the previous or next song by long pressing the respective buttons. While everything else works as expected, returning to the previous path is a test. You have to hold the Volume Down button for a few seconds to do this, but more often than not you end up starting the same track. Only if you press it again within milliseconds can you go back to the previous track.

The USB-C charging port of this neckband is located in the same compartment as the controls and is covered by a protective cover. The small multicolored LED indicates the pairing status of these headphones and also gives you a rough idea of ​​the battery level. The earbuds here aren’t angled and may take longer to get used to, but they feel comfortable in the ear. One thing is missing though there are magnetic tips to hold them together when not in use. I was always worried about leaving the tie around my neck for fear of it slipping and falling.

Sony WI-C100 Pocket Review

Image credit: Tech2 | Amia Dalvey

Sony WI-C100: Features and Specifications (7/10)
Support for Bluetooth codecs is limited to SBC and AAC, which fit the course in this part. Each earphone is equipped with a 9mm dynamic driver. Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, these headphones are no problem, but many brands have upgraded to version 5.2 and above. No great features here as Sony has stuck to the basics like sound quality and spare battery.

You can get companion app support in the form of Sony Headphone (formerly Headphone Connect). However, you don’t get many mods as this is an entry level product. You can’t even change the controls, but you get different sound settings and an option to create your own custom sound profile. This shoulder strap is IPX4 rated sweat resistant and can be worn while jogging and exercising.

Sony WI-C100: performance (7.5 / 10)
You need to press and hold the multifunction button for a few seconds to activate the neck strap pairing mode. Yes, it may turn off after 2 seconds, but you need to hold it down longer to pair it. Then find the neckband in the Bluetooth device list or companion app and pair. You only need to do this the first time or when pairing with a new device. The wireless range is quite good with the neckband maintaining a strong connection up to 10 meters with a clear line of sight. I had no latency issues when watching videos.

Despite being Sony’s most affordable wireless speaker, the C100 has a surprisingly vibrant and balanced sound signature. Not a neutral, keep in mind, but not typically V-shaped either that you generally get on most budget earbuds. Interestingly, many of the Sony earphones themselves have a V-shaped acoustic profile. Although the output is on the warmer side, you don’t get much sharper bass, something that bass sounds don’t like. There is no shortage of bass too.

Sony WI-C100 headphones review

Thanks to the tightness of the bass, the mid frequencies are well present and there is a great clarity in the voices. However, the separation of the instruments could have been better. The highs are crisp too, with just the right amount of sparkle. The acoustic theater is not very spacious, but it is acceptable for the industry. Earbuds are generally 60-65% noisy when indoors and need to be turned up to around 75% when outdoors. Properly sized silicone tips provide more than a decent seal to keep some ambient noise out.

There is a lot to like about the overall sound quality, but it may not be to everyone’s taste. Sony has a solution for this in the form of multiple audio presets in the companion app. If you find the bass is not suitable, there is also a Bass Boost option. There is also a 5-band equalizer to create your own audio profile, instead of two, and save it. There’s also a DSEE audio enhancement option, along with 360-degree audio support in the app, but don’t expect miracles as this is an entry-level audio product from the brand.

Sony WI-C100: call quality (7/10)
Call quality is generally good, but the microphone can’t block out a lot of background noise when you’re outdoors. That said, your voice is still conveyed with decent clarity. There are no such problems when both people within the call are fully audible to each other. Sometimes you may need to move the left microphone chamber a little closer so that the other person can hear you more clearly.

Sony WI-C100 controls review

Image credit: Tech2 | Amia Dalvey

Sony WI-C100: battery life (8/10)
Battery backup is the other main feature of this shoulder strap and it practically delivers on its promises. Sony claims a 25 hour backup battery. During the tests, with a volume of 60-70%, the neckband lasted almost 24 hours with about 3 hours of daily use consisting mainly of playing music, watching content on OTT and very few calls. These are very good numbers, and even better for its light weight.

The C100 has a USB-C port for charging and takes about 3 hours to fully charge using a standard charger. It supports fast charging but the numbers are not close to those offered by its competitors such as the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 or Oppo Enco M32. Ten minutes of charging gives you an hour of playback, which is practical at best compared to the 15+ hours its competitors boast after a 10-minute charge. While there are no issues with battery backup, charging speed is something Sony can strive to improve.

Sony WI-C100 USB-C Charging Review

Image credit: Tech2 | Amia Dalvey

Sony WI-C100: price and verdict
Sony WI-C100 launched at an introductory price of Rs 1,699 with a one-year warranty. I highly recommend Sony to keep it that way and nowhere near the supposed MRP of Rs 2,790. After 2K, you may face competition from some TWS gems as well that you may not be able to handle. At Rs 1,699, it could be a good case for those looking for more balanced sound, more customizations via the app, and a good spare battery.

Of course there is competition at this price too and its main opponent will be the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 which offers good sound quality with a more pleasant (different, not necessarily better) sound profile with more bass. Battery backup is even better with a neckband that runs in under 30 hours and has very fast charging with a charge of just 10 minutes offering nearly 18 hours of audio playback. Choose one based on the type of audio profile you prefer.

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