Good news! Victims of fraudulent investments can get compensation in the PPSK bill


Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the government will take criminal action on crimes in the financial sector. In this provision, the victim of a crime will be able to obtain compensation.

Sri Mulyani also mentioned several potential crimes in the financial sector ranging from fraudulent investment, illegal online loans (lending), to Ponzi schemes in savings and loan cooperatives.

“Community support will be achieved by establishing criminal provisions in favor of preventing the treatment of crimes that enjoy the proceeds of their crimes, as well as compensating people harmed by financial institutions such as illegal loans, fraudulent investments and even ponzi schemes in savings co-operatives and loan “, said Sri Mulyani at the meeting with the XI Commission of the House of Representatives, Thursday (11/10/2022).

The government wants the concept of law enforcement for crime in the business sector to prioritize recovery of losses for victims or restorative justice.

“The concept of law enforcement is not always with the provision of criminal sanctions, but it prioritizes so that the condition of the injured party can be restored sooner or that we are familiar with the principle of restorative justice,” said Sri Mulyani.

However, Sri Mulyani also explained that if it were possible to recover the losses of victims of crimes in the financial sector, the government would also like to consider avoiding criminal acts against those who committed the crime.

The party who committed the crime will first be asked to admit his guilt and to compensate the victims.

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However, if this cannot be done, punishment will be the last option for the party who committed the offense.

“Furthermore, in the event that the party who committed damage or the perpetrator of the crime is not an economic crime, it recognizes and provides for compensation according to the applicable mechanism, so that the state of the damage of the victim returns to its original state, the avoidance sanctions in the form of imprisonment must be considered against the crime, ”said Sri Mulyani.

“This bill enshrines the principles of justice and reparation, in the event that this step cannot be completed, the use of criminal sanctions is really the last resort,” he continued.

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