Good news in pop folk! The singer with the longest legs heard …

One of our most famous pop-folk singers had a cute little baby. Ivena gave birth to the girl Marian. The little princess weighs exactly 3 kg and her mother feels good.

Marian is a long-awaited and highly desired baby from folklore and father Christian, with whom they have been together for 12 years. “Welcome, beautiful Marian – 29.09! Welcome, great happiness! Welcome to our family, dreamy sun! We wish you a sunny life full of smiles! Be alive, healthy and blessed! We love you,” the singer Ivena wrote hours after her daughter was born.

The blonde with infinitely long legs gained as much as 20 kg during the nine difficult months, which were not easy for her. Losing weight is unlikely to be a problem for the blonde beauty, as she trains regularly, and following a diet has never made it difficult for her. Ivena has not had the coronavirus, but she has not been vaccinated yet. On the other hand, her partner Christian took him out last year, as she always took care of him, but the insidious virus never managed to bring her down, writes.



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