Good News for Bitcoin Lovers, Predicted to Break Records


Bitcoin Price In 2022, it is predicted that it will still increase from before. Even the CEO of Swiss-based Seba Bank, Guido Buhler, predicts the value of Bitcoin This year will break records. How much?

According to him, the price of Bitcoin could rise to USD 75 thousand this year or more than IDR 1 billion. According to him, the reason is that more and more institutional investors are supporting the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

“We are sure that the price will go up,” he was quoted as saying detikINET from CNBC, Saturday (15/1/2022).

“Our internal valuation model indicates that the price is between USD 50 thousand and USD 75 thousand. I am quite confident that we will see that level of increase. The question is about timing,” he added.

After soaring to a value of USD 69K in November 2021, the price of Bitcoin has fallen in recent months to touch the level of USD 40K.

Opinion that Bitcoin will rise this year has also been voiced previously by several financial experts. Some even estimate the value of Bitcoin will penetrate USD 100 thousand or more than IDR 1 billion.

Some of the most knowledgeable people in the sector predict Bitcoin to hit $100,000 in the first quarter of 2022,” said Kate Waltman, a specialist crypto accountant.

Maybe in early 2020, cryptocurrencies are still less competitive due to the pandemic situation, economic conditions and inflation. However, as so many people are interested in the crypto business, the value will improve.

“Next year is an important time for Bitcoin. As the oldest and most recognized cryptocurrency, like it or not, Bitcoin is the face of the crypto world,” said Marcus Sitiriu, analyst at GlobalBlocks.

“When Bitcoin hits its high point, it will attract a lot of attention and action in the crypto market as a whole. So my prediction is, Bitcoin will reach and penetrate the price of USD 100 thousand in 2022,” he said.

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