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A wonderful day begins

Good morning on Thursday 01.06.2023.

The temperature will be between 15 and 26 degrees. It will be mostly sunny. The wind will be a light breeze from the east at a speed of 3 m/s.

Lucky of the day

“The biggest failure in your life is never trying”


Children’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is one of the oldest international holidays, which dates back to the World Conference on the Welfare of Children, held in Geneva in 1925. History does not provide information on why it was decided to celebrate the holiday on June 1.


During this day you will find a brother in reason. Or a sister. In other words, you will meet a member of the opposite sex who will think and feel the same as you. It will be easy and interesting for you together – it’s as if you’ve known each other since birth. Maybe your destiny really is like this…


The day is very suitable to look at new proposals for cooperation. Today you will be able to dictate your terms to your potential partners, and this will not seem strange to anyone. Those around you will see you as a specialist worth working with. New acquaintances are likely, and your attractiveness will guarantee you the attention of the opposite sex. But you are cautious, which is very reasonable, because not everyone who today offers you to be together in good and bad can be trusted.


Relationships with those you love during this day will not be characterized by trust and warmth. If you have children, parental duty will make you take both yourself and them seriously. This is particularly significant for their education, upbringing and future professional needs. You may have to be strict and control their behavior more often. A romantic-intimate meeting may have to be postponed.

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Your loved one’s desire to please your relatives and friends will be great today. Even if there are some results achieved in the given area, they will definitely not suit it. Try to direct his energy in a peaceful direction, because otherwise losses are inevitable.


A rather complicated day is shaping up. Even if you have planned important things, you will see an uphill battle! The situation will not develop as you expected, and this will force you to take into account the changing circumstances and make adjustments, and the search for a common language with unsympathetic individuals. By the way, pleasant surprises are not excluded. Interesting meetings and receiving gifts are likely. Although serious problems in romantic relationships are unlikely, you should be careful in what you say, so that it does not turn out that your loved one is offended…


Your task for today is to plan your life together for the month ahead. Determining the exact date from which your loved one should love you even more is quite difficult, but deciding when you will go to the theater, cinema or exhibition together is completely within your power. Just write down everything that you’ll forget otherwise.


You start to get impatient with someone who can’t make up his mind at all. His response and action will not come anytime soon, and you will feel as if you will never wait for that time. But this does not mean that everything is so bad. Today you will begin to gradually get used to this thought. There is still a chance that things will work out exactly the way you want, but in this situation the wisest decision would be not to put all your eggs in one basket. Consider backup options.


Your attachment to your birthplace, home and family will strengthen today. At the same time, you will tend to appreciate your loved ones above all for those traits and qualities that distinguish them from other people. In addition, the weather is not bad to invite guests to your home, indulge in original relaxation, watch a movie, listen to music or indulge in fun joint memories. Such communication can strengthen your marriage union, whether it is formally formed or not.

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Today, in communicating with your loved one, you should be guided by what your conscience tells you. During this day, she will give you very accurate advice and will be an unfathomable indicator of the correctness of all your decisions and actions.


Difficult negotiations and a fight for a warm place under the sun are ahead of you today. But this does not mean at all that the situation can heat up to the limit. Even if it seems to you that no compromise is possible, this is not the case at all. You are dealing with people who are eager to cooperate, so go for it. Not everyone deserves special treatment, and it’s possible that your turn hasn’t come yet. So try to show modesty at the negotiating table.


The events of this day will mostly develop according to the principle “when there is no happiness, unhappiness helps”… You will be able to achieve your fortune unexpectedly, despite all your calculations and premonitions. Unfortunately, you may be dissatisfied with your financial situation: with the amount of remuneration, the general instability and unpredictability of your income. This is a good time to discuss complex issues in practical terms. This applies not only to the methods of work in a critical situation, but also the amount of taxes and social security, the problems of reciprocity.


There will be an opportunity to make several profitable, but unfortunately mutually exclusive deals. Choose the one that seems more reliable to you: you should not take risks without a particular need. The day is not bad for starting your own work or investing in a business where you will be together with relatives and friends. Unexpectedly, there will be an opportunity to settle long-standing family conflicts. In the personal sphere, you will manage to find many original and extremely effective solutions. In others, this will cause surprise and admiration for your abilities.

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What to read


Becky Manauatu

What if the most important person in your life keeps leaving you? What if you’ve run out of Band-Aids that help hide the pain you’re experiencing?

A novel that is both raw and sublime, a compelling new voice in New Zealand fiction.

A hard-hitting book about trauma, loss, violence, families, betrayal and intergenerational redemption, focusing on gang violence and being Maori in New Zealand.

Sick Cry (18+) tells the story of eight-year-old orphan Arama, sent to live with relatives in rural Kaikoura province, and his teenage brother Taukiri.

Taukiri was born in sorrow. A cry of pain can be heard in the sound of the sea, which he loves and hates, and in the music he plays on his father’s guitar. The sobbing is caused by the violence of the gang that killed his father and sent his mother into hiding, and the shame he feels when he abandons his eight-year-old brother Arama in an abusive home.

But Arama is braver than he seems, he has a girlfriend and his girlfriend has a dog, and the three of them together might be strong enough to turn back the tide of grief with a tide of love.

A joke

Every woman dreams of two things:

  1. Two strong male hands to grab her waist.
  2. Waist.

Now smile! A wonderful day begins!

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