Good End 2020: CCE would bring it forward to September in order to reactivate the economy

The measure could be key to get out of the economic crisis that currently exists in the business sector. Photo: Cuartoscuro

He Good end 2020 could arrive for the month of september and not for November as is commonly done each year, to try to stop the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and so on revive the country’s economy.

According to Carlos Salazar, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) this would be as an alternative in order to encourage investment and consumption in Mexico.

“We are analyzing advancing the Good End to September with the objective of increasing consumption, so that money and liquidity flow, and that this translates into a milestone for economic growth.”

Carlos Salazar, president of the Business Coordinating Council.

During a virtual conference, he indicated that the measure could be key to getting out of the economic crisis that currently exists in the business sector.

Some businessmen have already spoken about it, such as Rogelio González Alcocer, president of the Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) Juárez, who indicated that they they do not see the change viable. She explained that last Monday shopping malls and cinemas reopenedTherefore, it is not feasible to adjust to a new date, in the event that the change is made.

If so, this Mexican edition of the Black Friday it would be atypical, well The Good End has been celebrated for nine years on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve when most of the workers receive their bonuses and savings accounts.

According to data from Conaco during the days that the Good End 2019, “More than 120 billion pesos were reached, a figure higher than the goal of 118 billion.”

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What is the Good End?

El Buen Fin is an initiative created by the Federal government in conjunction with private companies with the objective of revive the economy with the cooperation of the private and public sectors.

The measure consists of various shops and businesses throughout the Mexican Republic offering discounts and promotions of various products for a weekend.

Each year it has been held in the middle of November, which coincides with the long weekend held to commemorate the Mexican Revolution.

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Mexico state

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The Business Coordinating Council expressed concern about the ban on the sale of junk food as this does not address the obesity problem.

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Starting this Tuesday, according to the capital’s government, these establishments will be able to entertain with music at a maximum volume of 62 decibels.

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