“Gone suddenly”; what is known about the death of Jānis Streič’s brother?

Last week it was 40 days since Eriks Streičs, brother of Jānis Streičas and husband of journalist Maija Miglas-Streićs, passed away. As Maija reveals in the material “His dream will come true after death” in the edition “Privatā Dzīve” by Evija Kalnbērza, her husband’s departure was very sudden.

Maia reveals that her husband passed away due to a rare lung disease, but he was strong until the last moment, and his departure was sudden.

Maia reveals that she is still very much going through her husband’s death, because they both had a great love.

She has lived with Eric Streich for 28 years, married for 30 years.

We already told you on the death of Eric Streich.

“Sad news this time, about a person who did not wait for the opening of his book. The eternal sailor and cinema man Eric Streich has passed away,” “Radio mazá leštava” shared a post on the social website “Faceboook” on May 25.

Eric Streich played roles in his brother’s film director Jānis Streich’s films “Unfinished Dinner”, “Stranger Passions” and “Captain Enrico’s Watch”. He was a director’s assistant in the films “Mērnieku laiki” as well as “Vella’s employees in Vella’s mills”. The publication of Erik Streich’s book “Adventures of a Latvian boy in the Russian army” is expected soon.

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