Gomez receives support messages from Ismaili players after the Corona incident

The Ismaili players and the technical and administrative staff were keen to check on the health of the French, Didier Gomez, the technical manager of the team after he suffered a health crisis and his transfer to the hospital, and the players were keen to support the French coach with WhatsApp messages to confirm their keenness to support him in this crisis.

Earlier, an official source at the Ismaili Club’s board of directors revealed details of the horror hours experienced by the French Didier Gomez, the technical director of the team, for fear of being affected by the Corona epidemic. The source said in special statements to “the seventh day”: Ismaili officials, who immediately rushed to take him to the hospital amid fears that Gomez might be the cause of his illness, the Corona epidemic. “

The source continued: “After Gomez was transferred to the hospital, he was subjected to the necessary analyzes and tests that proved that he did not have a corona, and that the health crisis he was exposed to caused by exercising excessively to leave the hospital and return to his home in Ismailia, with great attention from all club officials to check on him.”

Earlier, an official source in the Ismaili Club Board of Directors revealed that the French Didier Gomez welcomes the cancellation of the league championship this season after the Corona crisis, and the source said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, “Gomez expects to cancel the league championship this season due to the limited time after the decision to freeze Spherical activity for a whole month for fear of an outbreak of the Coronavirus. “

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The Ismaili Club’s board of directors, headed by Ibrahim Othman, decided to reduce the salary of French Didier Gomez, technical director of the first football team, by 40% due to the Corona crisis. A source revealed to “The Seventh Day” that the Ismaili decision includes reducing the salaries of the auxiliary body to Gomez in addition to the administrative and medical staff.

On the other hand, the French Didier Gomez, Ismaili technical director, refused to make any adjustments to the daily training schedule for players during the holy month of Ramadan, as the French coach notified his players of the same daily exercises in domestic isolation, and Gomez also warned the players of the danger of excessive eating of the holy month of Ramadan, To avoid increasing their weight in a way that makes it difficult for them to regain the required fitness if the return of the league is approved at a later time.

The Frenchman Gomez issued a warning to any player who would violate this decision with severe penalties, stressing that he and his support staff will closely monitor the players ’weights daily through home training.

The Ismaili Club’s board of directors, headed by Engineer Ibrahim Othman, agreed to move the residence of Gomez, the manager outside the club hotel after the latter requested that, and Gomez moved to live in an apartment in Ismailia after spending the previous period inside the Ismaili hotel, and a source close to the French coach returned the reason for his request to replace His stay due to his desire to have a “gym” helps him exercise every day in light of the homelessness imposed by the Corona virus on everyone.

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Although the French Didier Gomez, Ismaili technical director, rejected the idea of ​​traveling to France before the decision to suspend flights, after the French coach requested to travel to his country and the engineer Ibrahim Othman agreed to travel, but Gomez retreated for fear of the decision to return the league at any time and his inability to attend For Cairo, however, he is keen to monitor the situation in France and the victims of Corona there from within Ismailia.

Didier Gomez took over the Ismaili technical responsibility last January, he led the team in 9 games, 6 games in the league + two games in the Arab Championship + a match in the Egypt Cup, and Gomez managed to win in three games, tied in the same and lost the same, and the Dervish scored under his leadership ten goals She received a net like her.


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