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Voted “European Car of the Year” in 2020, the small Peugeot 208 is now the best-selling car in Europe for 2022. With 219,000 units registered, the 208 is ahead of the Dacia Sandero (Renault group, 201,800) and the Toyota Yaris (187,000). They are followed by the German crossover Volkswagen T-Roc (181,000 units) and only then comes the long-time leader Golf (177,800).

These five models are followed by Fiat 500 (175,000 units) and Opel Corsa (165,300 units), Citroën C3 (161,100), Renault Clio (154,000) and Dacia Duster (152,500). Taking a closer look at this top 10 we see that there are four models of the French-Italian-American Stellantis group in it, with the 208 and Opel Corsa being technically identical.

The Renault group has three models, but two of them are of the Dacia brand. And the paradox is that, despite the abundance of French models in the top ten, the only “made in France” of these ten cars is… the Japanese Toyota Yaris, produced in Valenciennes.

The winner – the Peugeot 208 is produced mainly in Trnava in Slovakia, where the e208 electric version is assembled, but also in Kenitra in Morocco and Palomar in Argentina, the Peugeot 208 is the most popular car in France (88,800 registrations in 2022) , but also in the Netherlands and is on the podium in Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg. Total production of this model exceeded 306,800 units last year.

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