Golf Pitchaya took a photo of the “Jom Khwan” house program, but this event was burned by the heroic peak of the person.

In addition to work in the industrysongalready Golf-Pichaya Nithipaisalkul also has an interest in art and pop culture that he often shows on Always yourself, most recently he has a list of Snongnerd and has worked with Jomkwan Laopetch.

Golf Pitchaya

Yesterday, Golf came to film a program. Nong Ma talked about different figures. (Wait for follow up on Golf Pichaya channel). We say Taking the show is really an excuse. Golf comes to look for figures. 555…finished filming. Help each other find 2 figures. P.S. Although we are not the Golf Mike model, we are the Sandbank model.

by Golf followed by commenting that “I will always be your fan. #send nerd Real people!!!!!!I’ll keep asking for more figures.” And Jomkwan replied that “I’ll help you find a figure for golf to lose money forever.”

In addition to being a member of the golf-mike duo pastGolf Pitchaya also has a lot of acting in theatrical movies. Recently, he hassong “WE DON’T STOP” and make a YouTube channelbe with 9 million followers

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