Golden Child selected as a new artist for K-pop fandom app’Blip’

Boy group Golden Child has been selected as the last new artist in 2020 for’Blip’, an application for K-pop fandom.

On the 31st,’Duck Mate in My Hand, Blip’ said, “It is a boy group that recorded another massive growth in 2020.”

Golden Child is a boy group that has emerged as an emerging powerhouse in K-pop after appearing on Mnet’s’Road to Kingdom’, attracting the attention of the fandom and the public.

According to K-Pop Radar, the initial sales of the second single’Pump It Up’ released by Golden Child after appearing in’Road to Kingdom’ exceeded 50,000 copies, breaking its own record. Considering that the initial sales of the first regular album’Re-boot’ released just a year ago were 7,400 copies, it increased by about 7.6 times in one year.

Music videos as well as records showed a huge rise. Based on the music video uploaded to the agency’s official channel,’Wannabe’, which was released in November of last year, took 194 hours to exceed 1 million views. However,’Pump It Up’, released in October of this year, exceeded 1 million views in just 9 hours and shortened its own record by about 7 days by 17 hours.

Accordingly, Blip said, “After’Road to Kingdom’, Golden Child has been making a high-altitude streak as a stage craftsman, both record and music video performances.” .

In fact, Golden Child’s fandom,’Goldness’, actively asked for a blip opening, saying that it is a “cool group that is on the rise these days” and “a talented group to which’Ro To King Reaction’ is a member.”

With this opening, Golden Child’s fandom can view Golden Child’s schedule, news, Twitter, and various data and survey results in one place. It is also expected that more enjoyable fan activities of the fandom’Goldness’ will be possible through topics and collections.

This ‘blip’ are including the Golden Child Services more Boise, Black, Pink, K-pop artists of all 50 teams, including BtoB, IU, eyes circles, Oh My Girl, A Tees, exo, NCT, Super Junior, bit Weiss.

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