Gold value today: incredible, here’s the figure

If you find yourself having to resell your used gold, you should know that the price per gram of gold is a figure that changes daily or even twice a day, based on the value of the major stock markets, such as the London Stock Exchange. If you want to evaluate your used gold yourself it will only take a few minutes. First, make sure you divide gold by purity if you have pieces of different carats.


To find out in what quantity pure gold is present in your jewels, look for the title, or an imprinted box in which the manufacturer’s initials and purity are written, in carats or in fineness. 24 carat gold corresponds to 999 gold, which is hardly used for jewelry, as it is fragile. Almost always in jewelry, gold is linked to other metals to be more easily workable. Very often, in fact, the jewels are made of 18 karat gold, which means that for every gram of metal used to make the jewel, 0.75 is gold and the remaining 0.25 is another metal which could be silver, copper, platinum or other. Therefore, for the same weight, a jewel made of 24 karat gold will have a greater value than a jewelry made with 18 karat gold.

Used Gold Quotation

I buy gold
Selling gold and jewels is easy because, in the last twenty years, commercial activities such as buying gold have spread like wildfire throughout the country. Not all gold buyers buy jewels at the same price: the minimum rate is the same for each one, but some businesses pay something more than others, to increase their clientele. I recommend that you request at least three quotes before selling, so as to have a greater chance of earning.

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Selling jewelry
Be careful, in case you want to sell necklaces or rings decorated with precious stones: the stones must be removed before weighing the gold. The listing of stones is a separate and more complex topic; estimating the value of your gold, including stones, without contacting a professional means to distort the valuation and once you are ready to sell, you will find yourself with a decidedly different valuation from the shopkeeper. In the case of a Gold Pound, the situation is simpler as there is only the noble metal and no other stones for making the coin. The gold buyers also take care of the evaluation of precious stones and are always available for a free estimate.

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