Gold rose 11 pounds at the end of trading today

Gold prices rose in trading late Saturday, an average of at least 11 pounds since last Thursday.

The price per gram of the most widespread 21 gauge was about 701.15 pounds today, after reaching 689.8 pounds last Thursday, with a difference of 11.35 pounds.

The price of the most expensive 24-gram gram was 801.25 pounds, after it was 788.3 pounds last Thursday, a difference of 12.95 pounds.

The price of a 18-gram gram was about 600.95 pounds, compared to 591.25 pounds last Thursday, a difference of 7.9 pounds.

And the 14-gram gram recorded about 467.4 pounds compared to 459.85 pounds last Thursday, an increase of 7.55 pounds.

The price of gold went to 5609 pounds, a kilo of gold at 801.3 thousand pounds, and an ounce of gold at 24.92 thousand pounds.

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