Gold prices surge by £10 per 21 karat on Thursday, marking a weekly high at the trading closing.

The price of gold concluded its evening dealings in Egypt today, Thursday, on the rise, after a slight decrease in the middle of dealing, recording 10 pounds in the 21 karat gold price, 8 pounds in the 24 karat gold price, and 80 pounds in the gold pound price.

And the price of gold stopped today, Thursday, in Egypt, at new levels, after the rise from the mid-trading round, as follows:

18 karat gold price today

– The price of 18 carat gold jumped from 1685 pounds to 1667 pounds.

21 karat gold

The price of 21 karat gold moved from 1935 pounds to 1945 pounds.

gold price

24 karat gold today

The price of 24 karat gold increased from 2212 pounds to 2222 pounds.

gold pound

– The price of the gold pound recorded about 15,560 pounds, compared to 15,480 pounds during the middle of the transaction.

gold stock exchange

While the price of an ounce rose globally after a decline after the European Central Bank raised the interest rate by about 50 basis points, or 0.5%, to open overnight trading at $1918, coming from a previous close at $1934, to reach $1920 at the time of writing.

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