Gold Price Farther From Rp. 1 Million / Gram, Time to Buy?


Antam’s gold price the further away from the level of Rp. 1 million per gram. The downward trend in gold prices is predicted to continue until the end of next week. Is this a good time to buy gold?

According to the Director of PT TRFX Garuda Berjangka Ibrahim Assuaibi, at times like this, investors can start collecting gold again.

“In the near term, we can still collect,” said Ibrahim to detikcom, Friday (30/10/2020).

Then immediately resold when it reaches break event point (BEP) above IDR 1.05 million. It is possible that gold prices will rise again after the announcement of the US Presidential Election.

“But it must be remembered that if the short term is Rp. 950 thousand then the BEP is Rp. 100 thousand, it means that Rp. 1,050 million is only BEP. Having to dare to speculate that this gold will strengthen in the first-second week of November will slightly lift positive sentiment. Now this is the most important thing for people to collect precious metals in the short term, “he explained.

Tonight it is estimated that the price of gold will fall even further. This is because global gold prices are predicted to fall the most to the level of US $ 1,830 per troy ounce. When converted to rupiah, it means that Antam’s gold price is at the level of Rp. 960 thousand / gram.

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