Gold Plated PlayStation 5 Sold for IDR 7 Billion, LeBron James Including the Queue

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – At the end of last year, Caviar decided to leave the comfort zone that he has been enjoying, designing products flagship smartphone crowned with diamonds. Caviar announced a console PlayStation 5 gold plated which was introduced as ‘Golden Rock’.

Only nine units of the Golden Rock console will be made with an offering price of $ 499 thousand or the equivalent of more than Rp. 7 billion. With this price tag, Caviar says it has received 1,342 ordering applications.

Among the lines that immediately lined up was NBA basketball superstar LeBron James. There are also some people Caviar called as big businessmen from Russia and well-known IT businessmen from the United States.

Caviar said orders for the Golden Rock console would be completed in four months. For the job, the company had recruited a jewelery contractor who specialized in gold to prepare sample units for testing.

Each console will be plated with 4.5 kilograms of 18 carat gold. The process begins with eight separate sheets (solid gold) which still have to be formed into the geometric design and attached to it PS5.

As for controller will be covered with genuine crocodile skin. The color can be black or gold.

Caviar Custom PlayStation 5.

For those who cannot join the queue at the half million dollar price, a model is also available custom PlayStation 5 Carbon and PlayStation 5 Black. Each will be made of 99 units.

The PlayStation 5 Carbon will be offered $ 5,830 (USD 82 million) and has been coated with carbon fiber as it is used for technology stealthty automotive. The crocodile skin PlayStation 5 Black costs $ 8,140. Caviar also makes customizations controller with crocodile skin and carbon fiber so it can match the console.

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For the record, all three custom versions PlayStation 5 above made Caviar based digital console version (without optical disc drive).



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