Gold first – Holmes: Gold is likely to rise to $ 4,000 in 3 years, but it has its risks in the form of Covid and the US election

According to Frank Holmes, a company of US Global Investors, it is quite easy to imagine gold bhem 3 years nkde u border 4 000 USD for a troy ounce, but it’s not without risk. The main risk factors of such a development that can fate lutho metal completely twist, they are especially the fall of the US presidency elections and vaccine development against Covid-19.

The price of gold this year it is growing strongly and after moving above border 2000 USD per ounce is the highest since 2011.

The main driving force for further growth towards the level indicated is primarily a massive general stimulation from governments and thus central banks. Basically, all major governments and central banks are printing new budgets dollar. A scarce resource supports the general demand for meaningful storage and protection, which increases the appetite for metal, which from a long-term perspective offers both at the same time. Volume according to increase zero barrel years rates. Historically salary, e m There are real injections, so dark is the interest of gold a opan.

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