Gojek – Tokopedia Saves 2 Types of Data when Integration into PeduliLindung

Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health) will bring features to the app CareProtect in some applications starting next month. gojek and Tokopedia convey, there is user data collected and stored.

Gojek’s VP of Corporate Communications Audrey P Petriny said the PeduliLindung feature will be present in the Gojek, Tokopedia, and GoPartner applications. “This is GoTo’s effort to support the government in handling Covid-19,” he said Katadata.co.id, Tuesday night (28/9).

Through this collaboration, the community will be able to check-in and check-out every time you visit a public place through the PeduliLindung feature in the Gojek, Tokopedia, and GoPartner applications starting next month.

However, Gojek, Tokopedia, and GoPartner are still testing integration with the PeduliLindung feature for some users.

Method check-in PeduliLindung uses the Gojek application, namely:

  • Click the ‘check-in’ button or banner CareProtect on the main page of the application
  • Activate location
  • Fill in the data in the form of full name and Identity Card (KTP)
  • Read the terms and conditions, then mark agree to continue
  • Activate the camera and scan the Quick Response Code (QR Code) code before entering a public place
  • Show the result of the QR scan code to the entrance guard

While the way check-out Cares Protect from the Gojek application, namely:

  • Click the ‘check-out’ button or banner CareProtect on the main page of the application
  • Activate the camera and scan the code check-out QR after entering public places using the Gojek application

Audrey said that the process of verifying and managing the PeduliLindung system was fully carried out by the Ministry of Health. “GoTo always coordinates with the ministry regarding the PeduliLindung application system, including personal data security,” he said.

According to the official website, the PeduliLindung feature in the Gojek and Tokopedia applications does not store personal data. It only forwards user data to the PeduliLindung system and the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) to validate the Population Identification Number (NIK).

“Personal data is sent directly safely to PeduliLindung with industry standards related to data transmission security,” as quoted from the Gojek website.

Meanwhile, the data collected and stored by Gojek and Tokopedia is only in the form of encrypted tokens. This is also from user data that has validated NIK.

“The encrypted token by design cannot be used by Gojek and Tokopedia to identify individual users,” he was quoted as saying.

The data is not stored in server Gojek and Tokopedia. Both apps also don’t store current location data check-in and check-out or forward it to another system.

Gojek and Tokopedia also collect data on the number of visitors in the aggregate for system maintenance and development purposes. “Aggregation is not carried out at the individual, group, or location level,” he was quoted as saying.

In addition to Gojek and Tokopedia, the Ministry of Health also invites Grab, Traveloka, Dana, Cinema XXI, LinkAja, Tiket.com, JAKI to integrate the PeduliLindung feature. The Chief Digital Transformation Office of the Ministry of Health, Setiaji said, this aims to make it easier for the community.

“It will be launched in October. There is a process so that we need several models to be accessible to everyone,” Setiaji said in a written statement, Monday (27/9).

The Ministry of Health noted that PeduliLindung was accessed by nearly nine million people. This app has been downloaded 48 million times. In addition, the average is used 55 million times per month.

The government uses PeduliLindung to scan the Covid-19 status of visitors to public areas. So far, there are 5,241 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus or are in close contact, visiting public areas.



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