Godzilla vs Kong: A new synopsis teases a titanic fight

We were talking about it a little while ago on Melty, Godzilla vs Kong will be prohibited for the youngest, in particular due to particularly violent action scenes. Reading the brand new synopsis put online by IMdB, we can already guess that these muscular scenes will concern the two main stakeholders, I named Godzilla and King Kong. Indeed, one can read on the site the following description “As the gigantic Kong meets the unstoppable Godzilla, the world watches which of the two will become the King of the Monsters.” A summary that therefore promises an intense face to face between the two creatures.

Official poster of Godzilla vs Kong

This new synopsis is not really surprising. With a film called Godzilla vs Kong, we expect to see the two contenders for the title of king clash relentlessly until one of the two capitulates. The final outcome of this titanic fight between King Kong and Godzilla is far from certain, however, especially since another monster could join the party. We are especially interested to see what impact on the human world this muscular head to head could have, and especially if someone will try to prevent it. To find out, you have to wait a little longer, the release of the blockbuster having been postponed to November 2020.


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