God of War: Ragnarok – State of Play with release date in a few days (rumor)

Santa Monica Studio and Sony have been assuring that God of War: Ragnarok will be released in 2022 for PS4 and PS5. However, its half has already passed, and we still do not know the release date of this game.

There are many indications that it will be revealed next week, to be precise June 30. At that time – according to an informant publishing on Twitter under the pseudonym The Snitch (@insider_wtf) – Sony ma to plan the next State of Play.

The number 11110, which Kratos “says” in the gif above, is notation of the 30’s in binary. So the post leaves no doubt – it is about the date of June 30, 2022.

The Snitch has already proved that his reports are reliable, incl. publishing on the web a full list of games that Sony presented a few hours later on the last State of Play. What’s more, the well-known industry whistleblower Tom Henderson reached similar conclusionswe wrote about it on Monday – and Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier he assured at the beginning of June that we will know the release date by the end of the month God of War: Ragnarok.

Another clue might be post Posted a few days ago on Twitter by Game Director Cory Barlog (below). The Batman gif might mean anything and everything, but the first comment under the post – “Where’s the date Cory” – leaves no doubt as to what fans want. You can be sure that the developer is aware of this and is intentionally fueling the already considerable interest of the community.

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