God of War Ragnarok is brutal, but the hardest adult game is Pokémon Crimson

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From: Philip Hansen

The harmless Pokémon Crimson & Crimson games broke our publisher Philipp Hansen. Kratos’ orgy of violence has failed to strengthen him.

Hamburg – God of War Ragnarök is not for children, it is brutal and bloody and the story can make even fathers cry. But Pokémon Crimson and Crimson on Nintendo Switch, known as a children’s console, is much more brutal. Out of nowhere, the cuddly monsters tear apart a seasoned video game veteran and hold a ruthless mirror to all adults.

God of War is not for children and Pokémon Crimson & Crimson is not for adults

Kratos 2022 is so brutal: God of War Ragnarök is doubly brutal. There is a lot of blood spatter and the emotional story breaks each father in half. In the game, an enemy is split with an ax as a brittle block of wood, Kratos rips off a jaw including half of the lower body, and there the Chaos Blades split an enemy into two equal pieces of flesh. Even the first few hours of the game draw more blood than the 2018 version of the god of war.

God of War Ragnarok: Axe Wielding Kratos © Sony

The story is also really mature. Kratos and Atreus don’t literally go through Hell (Helheim). Deep relationships are explained. If you are not afraid of spoilers, here is the explanation of the complex ending: God of War Ragnarök: End Explained. Why are Pokémon of all things more brutal to adults than Kratos?

Cute pocket monsters destroy adults: In 2022, Pokémon dares to enter the open world of RPGs that I (and millions of others) have dreamed of for years. So I thought, come on, give the Arceus and Pokémon Crimson games a shot. So for 20 years I ran wild as a coach full of energy.

About the author

Philipp Hansen works as an editor at ingame.de. He also works as a teacher at the university because his free time is so un-German. Fortunately, he enjoys both jobs immensely. But as it is, there are days when the dear lord prefers not to get up. And the further away the previous vacation, the more “want to lie in bed” days you don’t allow yourself. Because there are grown-up duties, deadlines, appointments (and bills) and the poor co-workers can’t do it alone. So you move to work like a zombie, day after day. He played Pokémon again for the first time in 20 years and was amazed.

I easily smile at the technical weaknesses of Pokémon Crimson and Crimson with a nostalgic smile. But then comes a clash that destroys me totally unprepared. I have rarely felt so personally affected in a video game – turn on the warning for all exchange workers, it will be brutal!

Kratos is a bone crusher, Aoki is a soul destroyer

Here’s how brutal Pokemon is: At some point in the free world, you will inevitably meet Aoki, a gym leader in crimson and purple. The fight against Aoki is as disappointing as it is fantastic. The highlight is the circumstances and the presentation. What Game Freak has programmed here is pure gaming gold.

Aoki, the Normal Gym Leader in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson
Aoki, the Normal Gym Leader in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson © Gamefreak /Nintendo

Aoki is a middle-aged man dressed in a black and gray suit. His hairline is receding, his eyes are lined with tired circles. Sure, he walks slightly stooped and has an almost dangerously crooked hump from his job (desk).

  • As a typical office worker, a small cog in the machine, she doesn’t really feel like her job.
  • The Gym Leader reluctantly does his job because he attacks. Aoki also comments on this. He’s not fighting because he wants to be a better coach, but because the league has awarded (or forced?) him here.
  • He comments on the gym leader losing with a faceless “looks like I’m going to lose.” He seems emotionless like me when I’m half asleep eating cornflakes in the morning.
  • Finally, the defeated average adult gives you the Facade attack. After all, in the proverbial world of work, putting on a fake face, a smiling facade and going out into the world like that is part of many people’s daily lives.
  • Later you meet Aoki again. Even then he doesn’t feel like it and embarrassedly complains that now he also has to use other Pokémon that he likes even less. Because an employer wants it that way.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson don’t take me back to my childhood

Self-Guided Coach Like a Mirror: During meetings with Aoki, I really want to laugh because everything is so unfunny. But I’m actually close to tears because I see myself a lot in the trainer. I also have to write lyrics at work that I really don’t feel like writing (obviously I’m in the mood for this article). And when I look in the bathroom mirror, I see dark circles under my eyes and oh my, is it the first gray hair?

Aoki in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson is an employee of 0815
Aoki in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson is an ordinary employee © Pokémon / Gamefreak

With the listless Aoki, developer Game Freak holds up a mirror to all the trainers who have been there since the beginning. You were once a Pokémon trainer full of vigor and almost carefree. Over the years, you’ve lost drive and possibly gained pounds.

Just when you want to dig into the scraps of your nostalgic crimson and purple childhood, whack a Pokemon with a reality hammer. Rarely has the game been so realistic, truly brutal! Are you not laughing desperately at yourself or are you afraid of the next working day? Then you are simply too young or too happy.

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