Gobzems and model Māra Sleja quarrel at dinner show – TV – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

On the first evening, Andris Rūmītis, the co-owner of the family restaurant “Hercogs”, welcomed him, who offered food worthy of the restaurant in a cozy atmosphere.

During the evening, the host was entertained – the guests had to prepare a dessert design from the flowers.

“Some kind of women’s task,” complained the MP, to whom the model did not owe a sharp answer, explaining that “the key is to be human.”

“I’m going to fight so I won’t be attacked, and he’s doing exactly the same thing,” Mara explained of the tension between the two. “Because we’re afraid we’ll eat each other.”

In turn, Aldis stated that Mara’s aggression was “her complex”.

Find out more about both disputes in the video!


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