Goalkeepers who have scored in the UEFA Champions League: A look at the history

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Provedel became the fourth goalkeeper in history to score in the UEFA Champions League, but who are the other goalkeepers and how do they score?

Scoring a goal in the last minute of any match is an amazing feeling, even more so when the goal is an important goal that changes the outcome of the match.

Roma’s Stadio Olimpico felt this atmosphere in full on Tuesday (19/9/2023) evening local time, when Lazio snatched a valuable draw from defeat in the 95th minute in the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League match against Atletico Madrid.

And as if the equalizer in the final minutes wasn’t dramatic enough, the identity of the goalscorer was even more surprising because it was Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Provedel who appeared to head the ball to equalize immediately following the final whistle.

Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Provedel scored a crucial equalizer

Seconds when Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Provedel scores a goal against Atletico Madrid, which is guarded by Jan Oblak, in the Champions League match at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Wednesday (20/9/2023). (Twitter @OfficialSSLazio)

Lazio looks set to suffer defeat in its Group E opener against Atletico Madrid.

Diego Someone’s side took a first-half lead through youngster Pablo Barrios whose long-range shot was deflected by Daichi Kamada in the 29th minute.

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Lazio tried hard to equalize, but try as they might there was no way to get past Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak.

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It was Oblak’s opponent who proved to have his number when Provedel managed to get into the Atletico penalty box to meet a late set-piece in search of an equaliser.

Luis Alberto’s cross went in and perhaps more impressive than the headline-grabbing goal was Provedel’s movement in the box to find space and find the cross, as if he were a great striker.

He took Lazio from defeat to a point and himself entered the history books by becoming the fourth goalkeeper to score in a UEFA Champions League match in history and the first to do so in 13 years.

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Which begs the question, who are the other three goalscoring goalkeepers in the Champions League and how do they do it?

The following is the list as reported pulsesports.

Hans-Jorg Butt (3 goals)

Hans-Jorg Butt scores a goal against Juventus in the UEFA Champions League match. (skysports.com)
2023-09-21 08:53:44
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