Goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera, in the sights of Pumas de la UNAM

Goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera could play the next tournament with Pumas (Photo: EFE / Jorge Nuñez)

The organization of Cougars of the UNAM expressed interest in goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera, and it would be in the next few days that the team would make the economic proposal.

It should be noted that the university club is looking for a goalkeeper for the tournament Opening 2020. Another option that was discussed was the Uruguayan Martin Campaign, a negotiation that was complicated by a clause in which Pumas had to buy the player after a year on loan.

Santiago Arbide, CEO of AmEro Sports, an agency for the promotion and representation of soccer players, wrote on Twitter: “If there was a formal approach of Pumas with Talavera, there is still no fix. Pumas’ offer would have to arrive tomorrow ”.

The also representative of the 37-year-old goalkeeper indicated that the moment he has more information he will share it. “From my perspective, I think it would be excellent for both parties,” he added.

Santiago Arbide, CEO of AmEro Sports, reported that Pumas is interested in Alfredo Talavera (Photo: Twitter @ SantiArbide)
Santiago Arbide, CEO of AmEro Sports, reported that Pumas is interested in Alfredo Talavera (Photo: Twitter @ SantiArbide)

According to information from ESPN, there is provision of Toluca, Pumas and Talavera for the transaction to be completed. The goalkeeper has one year left with Toluca and he is excited about the possibility of joining the university campus.

The goalkeeper has an agreement with the Toluca directive to keep his soccer player letter, that is, that You can negotiate as a free player with any other club.

In early June, it emerged that Alfredo Talavera did not have secured ownership for the 2020 Opening, since the technical body of Toluca would seek to give Luis García a greater opportunity, who emerged from the basic forces of the extinct Jaguars of Chiapas and his arrival at the team occurred at the Apertura 2016.

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Talavera has been part of the Toluca squad since May 2009, the negotiation at that time was for a one-year loan and for June 2010, the organization bought the goalkeeper’s letter to Guadalajara, for USD 3 million, and since then it has become one of the titular elements of the organization.

Alfredo Talavera arrived in Toluca in 2009 (Photo: Twitter @TolucaFC)
Alfredo Talavera arrived in Toluca in 2009 (Photo: Twitter @TolucaFC)

The goalkeeper revealed last week that he does not have a close relationship with José Manuel de la Torre, coach of Toluca, “We have different personalities and I have known him for a long time. It’s a professional coach-player relationship, there is good communication. If he wants to count on me, I will be the most professional, disciplined; and well, situations and controversies can be put together but it does not affect me ”.

He added that his idea was to conclude his career with Toluca, but the organization gave him the opportunity to go with another team, in Mexico or the United States. “The institution owes me nothing and I owe nothingI’m not disappointed but yes I was surprised at the moment they told me that I could be freeI never imagined playing against Toluca ”.

Talavera, 37, aims to be called up by the Mexican National Team and be able to participate in a third World Cup, which is why he seeks to continue being active in any team and clarified the reason why his possible departure from the Red Devils is not. Luis García has a relationship.


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