Goal FC has placed a technical reserve in Grasse • ​​Actufoot • Actu du foot pro / amateur

It was THE match of this 7th day of N2 (C). Grasse, solid second in the pool, received Goal FC in a clash between contenders at the top of the table. If the victory went to the premises (2-0), a fact of the game has, according to our information, pushed the visitors to ask a technical reserve during the match. The reason ? A contentious action and a fault of hand of the goalkeeper from Grasse outside the area sanctioned only with a yellow card. Contacted by us, the Lyon training did not wish to react but confirmed the reservation made.

Was the referee of the match right to send only a yellow card to the Grasse goalkeeper Florian Camus or do you agree with Goal FC that this is a manifest error on the part of the referee? The debate has begun.

The action to review below on the Fuchs Sport platform (1:07, 46 seconds)



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