Goal and assist, Hložek was relieved. Vrba helps us a lot, appreciates Vrba

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Last time in Ďolíček he had a winning goal on his leg, but he only hit the crossbar. This time he did not hesitate and broke the indecisive duel.

“I am happy for every goal and for every assistance. I was definitely relieved after the last matches, I’m glad for that, “says Adam Hložek for club television.

After the draw for the Bohemians, the atmosphere in the cabin was not ideal. “We were not nervous. We lacked movement there, but we radically changed it, “assures the young representative.

However, it took the favorite a long time to succeed.

“It occurred to me that perhaps we thought it would go against Hradec on its own. But Hradec arrived well prepared, they boarded us well. They pressed us well, we didn’t have much there. There were a few chances, but there were few goals. We can’t play like this, we can’t enter matches like this. I am glad that in the second half we said what we wanted to change, and we succeeded, “says Hložek critically.

His first goal was crucial. “Even during the break, we believed that Hradec could not sustain such a style throughout the match. We are used to such matches, we pushed them, and in the end it fell there, “he points out.

A change of position and a lower position seemed to suit him.

“I just want to say that Adam’s been fine the whole time I’ve been here. I wouldn’t even say it fit him just this time. In my opinion, he is a player who helps us a lot and is very important to us. He showed it against Hradec, “evaluates coach Pavel Vrba.



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