GM Susanto Megaranto Talks to Indonesian Miraculous Children who smash GothamChess

indonesia-pelibas-gothamchess"> – Chess with the title Grandmaster (GM), Susanto Megaranto, commented on the child prodigy named Satria Duta who could beat GothamChess on the site.

Fan God which is controlled Dadang Subur is not the only account from Indonesia that has beaten GothamChess on the site chess virtual

GothamChess alias Levy Rozman, in a shared Instagram Live video WGM Irene Sukandar Some time ago, he had even more respect for two Indonesian chess players he often met on, namely GM Novendra Priasmoro and Satria Duta.

The last name deserves more credit considering that he is only 12 years old and defeated GothamChess in August 2020 in a duration of 3 minutes. Currently, Satria Duta is only in Elementary School (SD)!

“When I was 12 years old I was also addicted to chess but not as good as him. He even beat Novendra. He has played 5,500 blitz game (fast chess mode at, while Novendra has only played 2,300, “said GothamChess, amazed by Satria Duta’s talent.

“In fact, Satria Duta has another account at This means that more or less he has played around 10 thousand blitz game. That’s crazy! ” he said again.

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That is why the magic child label is now often affixed to Satria Duta.

Satria Duta’s great talent and potential also received recognition from the Grand Master, Susanto Megaranto, the national chess player with the highest FIDE ranking today.

“Yes, I think there are many potential young chess players besides Satria Duta, who are as good as him. It remains how they are consistent in working hard to face the tournament offline. But, they are all good because they are also intense to play on online, “Said GM Susanto Megaranto to

“Chess game online It is very good to train them to face stronger opponents, ”said Susanto Megaranto, who on Monday (22/3/2021) was present as a commentator for the WGM match Irene Sukandar vs Dewa Kipas aka Dadang Subur.

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According to Susanto Megaranto, the younger generation of chess players can use virtual chess sites such as and as a place to galvanize themselves, as has been done by Satria Duta.

“Yes, actually there are many chess applications in the world, which we can use. But, what we often play more on and In fact, in my opinion, Indonesians play more today, ”said Susanto Megaranto, who successfully won gold at the 2019 SEA Games.

“These sites are very good to use. Can be a meeting place for various classes. Previously, children might not be able to meet world-class Grandmasters, ”he ended.



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