Gloves designed to feel virtual objects in Belarus

news/89338/V_Belarusi_razrabotali_perchatki_pozvolyayuschie_oschuschat_virtualnye_obekty.html"> Startup Teslasuit introduced gloves that allow you to touch virtual textures of objects. More about the new product will be presented during the exhibition CES 2020 from January 7 to 10. This is a preliminary announcement so far.-

The novelty is intended for medical and rehabilitation purposes, but game use of the system is not excluded. Device called Teslasuit glove, it will be able to work together with a VR suit, synchronization is carried out via Wi-Fi. And gloves can track the pulse.

Teslasuit Glove provides tactile feedback that allows you to feel the surface of virtual objects. 9 electrodes located on each finger are responsible for this. Also used are electric motors that create a resistance effect.

It has not yet been announced when the release of the new product will take place, but, obviously, there is still a lot of time before this. However, the appearance of such gloves on the market stimulates sales of VR games and related products.

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