Gloss: Small home, to Agrofert. Are you able to understand it?

So far, the endless series on the topic “Grandma is in politics, so get used to it” has another chapter. Throughout the plot, it’s just an episode that won’t affect the upcoming elections, let alone decide them. Because the bar of what is still permissible and what is no longer insurmountable has long been buried. We’re used to it. Almost.

Web journalists found that over 600 e-mail boxes used by YES politicians and staff are managed by Agrofert Holding. Thus, the company of Andrej Babiš, which Andrej Babiš transferred to trust funds, however, is registered in the official register as the final beneficiary of the benefits from her business.

Asked by iRozhlas about e-mails, a YES spokesman explained that “the YES movement is ordering this service and is paying monthly on the basis of an IT support contract. So this is a standard business relationship and we had no reason to change service provider, which works properly for a long time. “

Andrej Babiš shouted at the question of the iRozhlas journalist that “it just is and will be. Because the movement has been using it since its inception, we still use it. You ask about it every year, so write it down once. It’s been since 2012, it’s permanent and it will be so. Are you able to understand that? ”

And we’re back to getting used to it. When something is wrong, it doesn’t stop being bad just because we get used to it or because someone makes fun of us not to bother us. This is the main source of the tedious misunderstanding surrounding the conflict of interests between the beneficiary of Babiš and the politician of Babiš.

As for what’s wrong with YES emails run by Agrofert, just limit yourself to the financial side of things. The spokesman did not say how much YES was paid for the service. But for similar (even more subtle) cases such as “state allowance for a parliamentary office in the house of a deputy brother-in-law”, the term “small house” has been used. Dozens of politicians were dragged for them. In the case of YES, should we just get used to the fact that “it is permanent and it will be so”?

If YES pays for Agrofert’s IT services, from which the founder and chairman benefit YES, it is not a “standard business relationship”. It is also the relationship between Agrofert and taxpayers’ money.

YES – as well as other political parties – is credited to financing from the state budget: In 2020, it received 145,832,500 crowns from the treasury, Ministry of Finance publishes detailed statistics. We all compose to run parties, from parliamentary offices to digital communication to the election campaign. In return, the parties must humbly make accounts, even financial ones. It’s permanent and it will be so!


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