GLOSS: How the “Polish Jews” destroyed hockey like a belt

I would expect that after 350 long days, when even fans could head to the O2 arena for the home match of hockey Sparta, they will enjoy the hit of the fourth round of the extra league against Třinec. Especially when hockey was played as a belt, which offered 11 goals, a number of beautiful events and countless fights. Nevertheless, the impression of the match, the quality of which belonged to the playoffs, is spoiled by the disgusting outbursts of some Spartan pseudo-fans, who will not talk about a breathtaking performance on the ice, but about disgust in the auditorium.

Vít Šimánek, ČTK

“Polish Jews” began to emerge from the Sparta cauldron in the 35th minute, when a mass battle ended on the ice, in which all players on the ice, including some of the substitutes, including Steel Coach Václav Varadi, took part, except for the goalkeeper.

I can understand the anger of Prague supporters. In less than ten minutes, Třinec scored four goals for the home team, the fans did not like some of the judges’ decisions, and blamed the visiting team for many skirmishes.

Wilderness in Prague, Varaďa also joined the mass battle! Sparta condemned the disgust of some of its fans

But what I can’t understand are anti-Semitic outpourings. Emotions of emotion. After all, there are dozens of other ways to define yourself against your opponent and express your anger.

I don’t take the argument that many fans just got carried away by the crowd. That she didn’t even know what the words meant, and when Tonda shouted them next door, I had to, too.

I do not take the argument of some Spartan fans that they, too, have to hear what “Prague Ku * vy” and the like are like on the rinks of their opponents.

Teh keeper Alexander Salák from Sparta collects a goal. Martin Jandus (left) from Sparta, Michal Kovarčík (second from right) from Třinec and Ondřej Mikliš (right) from Sparta watch.

Vít Šimánek, ČTK

I don’t understand that the announcer at the stadium did not respond at the moment. He had to encourage fans to refrain from something like this.

On the contrary, Sparta’s leadership deserves praise for not sticking its head in the sand and reacting immediately after the match. “I haven’t heard it, but we certainly don’t identify with such shouts as a club. We will have to deal with it, “said Jaroslav Hlinka, the sports manager of the Prague residents and assistant coach, a few minutes after the end of the match.

Sparta lost to the champions in the round, there is no longer an undefeated team in the extra league

“We have to distance ourselves from this unique excess of some of them. We believe that such a thing will never happen again. Cheering against the spirit of fair play does not belong to hockey, “added Sparta spokesman Marek Táborský.

The extra-league disciplinary committee is now on the move. He must show that he will not tolerate such behavior again. That next time comes a greasy fine and calmly the unconditional closure of the stadium.

Although I’m still not sure if it will light up in some individuals’ heads …

He works as an editor of the internet portal Jan Škvor since 2007, specializes in ice hockey. As a reporter, he completed six world hockey championships and the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics.



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