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Gloria is now officially a grandmother. Her daughter Simona Zagorova gave birth to her daughter on February 25. The family shared the good news on Instagram, where they also posted photos. The girl will be named after her famous grandmother – Galina. Simona and the little girl were discharged on March 2.

“God, thank you for this gift! Thank you for the blessed day and the best moment of my life! My heart is full! I already know what the meaning of life is and what true love looks like. It weighs 3100 kg, its size is 50 cm and her name is Galina! Welcome, treasure! Thank you to Dr. Michelle Schaeib and the whole team for the professionalism and attitude! “, wrote Simona on social networks.

Days later, Gloria made the first generous gift for her granddaughter. The folk primate opened a savings account in the name of little Galina, depositing the amount of BGN 20,000. The singer vows to give her contribution to the fund every month, so that the child, reaching the age of majority, has a serious amount to start in his life as an adult, Hotarena writes.

After learning the wonderful news, Gloria was greeted by the industry. The first were Preslava, her sister – the folk singer Ivelina Koleva, Reni, Nelina, Ivana, Emilia, Esil Duran, Jenna, Galena, Azis, Kamelia and others. Eng. Mitko Dimitrov, the head of Payner, also wished. “Thanks to the coolest boss!” Gloria replied, as did everyone else who greeted her and her family. “Welcome to another Galina. Congratulations, Gloria,” wrote Galena, whose birth name is also Galina. “Yes, we Galins are a dangerous business! Thank you!” Gloria replied.

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