Gloomy Taliban atrocities Not Eradicated


Cruelty Taliban again highlighted. This time a well-known professor in Afghanistan was detained by the Taliban because he was considered to have provoked the public to fight against the government.

As reported by the Associated Press and AFP, Sunday (9/1/2022) since returning to power, the Taliban has cracked down on dissent, forcibly dispersed women’s rights protests and temporarily detained several Afghan journalists.

The professor of Political Science and Law at the well-known Afghan University who was arrested in the capital Kabul is Faizullah Jalal. Jalal is known for his outspoken criticism of the Afghan government under the leadership of the Taliban.

The professor has made frequent appearances on television talk shows since the Taliban toppled President Ashraf Gani. He spoke out and blamed the Taliban for the worsening financial crisis and criticized them for ruling by force.

Via Twitter, the spokesperson Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid said Jalal was arrested on Saturday (8/1) for a statement he made on social media. Mujahid called Jalal “trying to incite people to oppose the system and play with the dignity of the people”.

“He was arrested so that others would not make similar unreasonable comments on behalf of professors or scholars that harm the dignity of others,” he added.

Mujahid shared a screenshot of the tweet he claimed was posted by Jalal. The tweet said the Taliban’s intelligence chief was a Pakistani accomplice, and that the new Taliban government considered Afghans as “donkeys”.

In a television appearance, Jalal referred to another Taliban spokesman, Mohammad Naeem as a “calf”, which is a major insult in Afghanistan.

Jalal’s harsh criticism of the regime Taliban went viral on social media, sparking fears that he was risking Taliban retaliation.


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