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Global transport collapse leaves alcohol shortage in Spain

There are already Spanish bars where it is not possible to find some brands of alcohol, that have disappeared from the distribution channels as a result of the global collapse that is taking place in the transport of goods and that is especially affecting products imported or exported from UK.

Gins such as Beefeater or Seagram’s, vodkas such as Absolut, tequilas such as Tanqueray and champagne are already in short supply in bars in crowded areas such as El Retiro, in Madrid, as collected The newspaper. “They tell us that they are products that come from the United Kingdom and that with the transport crisis and Brexit, merchandise will not come from there,” explains the owner of the El Estribo cocktail bar. This shortage is further accentuated by a high increase in demand after the liberalization of restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 crisis.

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