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The United States has many military bases around the world and many allies, which, according to Washington, should help him in realizing his interests, writes the Global Times. By threatening the United States to terminate the Agreement on the temporary stay of the contingent if they do not supply Manila with the coronavirus vaccine, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte showed that the allies have the right to put forward their demands to America, the newspaper said.

On Saturday, December 26, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced a possible end Agreements on the conditions of temporary stay of the contingent with the United States, unless Washington supplies an ally at least 20 million doses of coronavirus vaccine. “There is no vaccine – there is no our consent to be placed here“, – quotes the words of the politician Global Times.

As the Chinese newspaper reminds, the United States has a large-scale network of military bases around the world. And it is very rare to see how the leader of the allied state publicly puts forward demands to Washington and questions the future presence of American troops on his territory. Being “the only global superpower“, The United States must provide support to its allies in a critical situation. But as Duterte’s statements show, America is not doing well in its leadership role.

The long-term presence of US troops in the Philippines, at the Subic Bay naval base, ended in 1992. Now, if the United States wants to deploy its forces in territory controlled by Manila, it relies on the Agreement on the conditions of the temporary presence of the contingent. Without this treaty, Washington will lose an important strategic foothold in the Asia-Pacific region, which could negatively affect its plans here.

In 2020, controlling the pandemic and trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has become one of the top priorities for the Philippines, as well as a litmus test for the alliance between Manila and Washington, according to the Global Times. Stuck in its own health care crisis, USA “failed this test”And demonstrated that they could not support their allies in difficult times.

Moreover, pursuing its own goals, Washington tried to involve as many states as possible, including the Philippines, in its anti-China campaign and deliberately provoked tensions in the South China Sea. But Duterte did not allow “lead yourself by the nose“And focused on the fight against coronavirus. Back in September, the president announced that he was going to buy a vaccine against COVID-19 mainly from Moscow and Beijing and accused Western countries of trying to cash in on the drugs that everyone needs.

«US allies are not obligated to just sacrifice their own interests for America. When Washington needs Manila to stir up trouble in the South China Sea, it sees the Philippines as a pawn. Now the Philippines, badly hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic, need US help – let’s see what Uncle Sam can give them“, – says the newspaper.

According to Duterte, it is impossible to tell whether Manila is against the United States or supports China. But the words of the Filipino leader say that he saw one very important truth: “allies should be on an equal footing, but the United States does not think so».

Germany is an ally of Washington, but that did not stop him from imposing duties on European goods, which hit the German auto industry hard. In addition, the United States is threatening Berlin with sanctions for the construction of a gas pipeline joint with Russia.

Tokyo is also an ally of America, but decades ago the United States destroyed the Japanese economy, and today it is extorting more money from its partner to maintain its troops on its territory. In his first call to Moon Jae In, the leader of another allied state, South Korea, this year, US President Donald Trump immediately asked for help in the fight against coronavirus.

Another example: Washington was not too happy with European integration and actively supported Britain’s exit from the EU. Now London is more closely connected with the United States, but it has not yet received help from them in its difficult situation with the pandemic.

«It turns out that when you are an ally of the United States, you must focus on realizing American interests, even if all you can get from Uncle Sam in return is intimidation and blackmail.“- says the Global Times. Against this background, according to the publication, Duterte looks like a boy from the fairy tale “The King’s New Dress”, who “reminded everyone that they were fooled».

The newspaper insists: “The Philippines set an example for countries that are allowing American troops around the world. In the face of such a crisis, they have the right to put forward demands against the United States.».


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