Global Refund Group Review – A Guided Tour Through Their Process

We’ve found a funds recovery company that’s worth checking out for any online scam victims out there. It’s called Global Refund Group, and the team there has been achieving impressive results. In total, they’ve collected millions for their clients, money that would’ve otherwise been lost for good. There’s no doubt that they can get results, but how do they do it?

We looked into what makes this chargeback company different. For our Global Refund Group review, we take a complete look into their practices and explain how they translate to results for their clients. With a more in-depth understanding of how the process works, we hope that more online fraud victims feel confident enough to reach out and get the help they need.

Company name: Global Refund Group
Country: US
Operating since year: 2021
Status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +1 (347) 497-3738
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English

Global Refund Group Review – The First Steps

Global Refund Group gets refunds for online scam victims. And so, their clients are people who have lost money to any of a variety of online scams. This company handles many different scams, including online investment fraud, romance scams, and phishing attacks. They help clients reverse the fraudulent transactions, restoring the money to their accounts.

Once a victim realizes what’s going on, they can reach out to Global Refund Group to get started. They make it easy with several contact options. Call in to one of the local numbers they hold in several countries. Or, you can send an email or fill out their contact form. Doing so lets them see the details of your case before speaking on the phone, so it really streamlines getting started.

A Free Consultation

Whether you’ve called in or got a callback, getting started means going through their initial consultation. This consultation is completely free so that victims can call in without any risk. During our Global Refund Group review, we found out just how convenient this consultation can be. At this stage, they’re gathering some basic but critical information about the scam.

First, they determine what type of scam you’re the victim of. Have you invested money with a forex or binary options broker that later turned out to be a scam by not letting you withdraw any funds? Have you been sending money to someone pretending to be someone else in a romance scam? Has your credit card or other information been stolen and used to make fake transactions? Different scams call for various lines of action.

They also ask how much money you’ve lost and through which payment method. These details play into whether or not your case can lead to a refund. How long ago the transactions took place is also important. There are some time constraints on chargebacks for certain payment methods, although there are many exceptions.

These details let Global Refund Group calculate your chance of getting a successful refund. The team there is composed of former banking employees who have insider expertise in how the system works. With this information, they can evaluate the merits of individual cases to gauge how likely they are to recover your funds.

If the details of your case match up with Global Refund Group’s standards for a successful claim, it’s time to move onto the next step. If not, the representative will inform you that they are unfortunately not able to take your case. The harsh reality is that sometimes scammers are successful, and there isn’t a way to get the money back. In these scenarios, attempting to go through the chargeback process will only be an additional hardship for already distraught victims.

Putting Together Your Chargeback Case

Through our careful Global Refund Group review, we found out just what their team does when putting together your case. They have to gather specific evidence that will allow them to initiate a chargeback successfully. Again, their banking experts know what’s needed. In most types of scams, required documents are things like bank or credit card statements, information from the broker platform for online investment scams, and any messages you’ve had with the scammers.

At this stage, some other members of the team come into play. Cybersecurity experts verify the identity and location of the scammers. There’s a decent chance any contact or location information they’ve given you is fake, if they’ve given you any at all. Global Refund Group excels at establishing who your scammers are so they can be held accountable.

Their international finance law experts take the information about the scammers and use it to identify avenues for reporting their fraudulent activities. Different countries have different laws, and any scams that work across borders are complicated. Their law experts can determine the appropriate regulatory agencies that can act and shut down the scammers for good.

Taking the Fight to the Scammers

With the evidence for your case compiled and the identity of the scammers uncovered, the next step is demanding a refund. This serves two purposes within the process. First, there is a chance that the scammers will return your money when asked. Having Global Refund Group behind you establishes authority, and it’s entirely possible that the scammers will cave under pressure. To avoid more serious legal ramifications, they sometimes agree to send back the money at this stage.

The second purpose is that the chargeback process can’t proceed without confronting the scammers first. Because people sometimes abuse the chargeback system, they must contact the other party to resolve the dispute first. This protects innocent people but also presents a hurdle for real victims. Global Refund Group makes sure that this doesn’t snag your chargeback.

Recovering Your Funds

If the scammers won’t play ball, the banking experts on the Global Refund Group team put through the necessary paperwork to start the chargeback. This is the last step before you get your money back. You just have to wait for the bank to process the chargeback. Global Refund Group has a great success rate, so you can rest assured that your claim is in good hands.

So that’s how they do it. They rely on a professional team and a proven process to get clients their money back. As far as chargeback companies go, our Global Refund Group review has identified them as one of the top options. Many online fraud victims stand a good chance of recovering money by calling Global Refund Group for a free consultation.


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  1. Funds recovery group. They are another recovery company and do not trust them because they will steal more of your money as i talked to them on the phone and a lot of what they told me did not match up. They were very pushey and went on and and on and when i told them different times that i had to go they would not lisen to me and in the end i had to put down the phone. All they will do is steal your money so avoid them. Regards Gerald.

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