GLOBAL POPULAR: Bulk Bath “Super Spreader” Indian Covid-19 Tsunami | Internal Organs Missing Myanmar Poets Page all – Mass bathing in the Ganges river became the “super spreader” of the Covid-19 tsunami in India, becoming the most popular news on global channels from Monday (10/5/2021) to Tuesday (11/5/2021).

In addition, there are poets Myanmar who died after being captured junta, it was found that her internal organs were missing.

The following is the global popular news that can be listened to in full:

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1. Mass bathing in the Ganges River becomes a “Super Spreader” Tsunami Covid-19 India

Festival Kumbh mela the form of a mass bath in the Ganges is set so super spreader tsunami Covid-19 India.

Thousands of people at that time gathered together in the city of Haridwar for the religious festival, though India is facing the second wave of the coronavirus outbreak.

Epidemiologist Dr Lalit Kant said the large number of people without masks in the Ganges River created an ideal environment for the coronavirus to spread rapidly.

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2. Myanmar Poet Killed After Being Arrested Junta, His Internal Organs Are Missing

Myanmar poet Khet Thi, whose vocal work voiced opposition to the ruling junta, died in custody on Sunday night (9/5/2021).

His body was reportedly returned to the family. But his organs are incomplete, according to his family, to launch the Guardian on Monday (10/5/2021).

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3. The Forgotten History of the Sinking of the Titanic, 6 Chinese Passengers Survived

Over a hundred years ago, eight Chinese men left their homes and families to work in the thriving shipping industry.

But they do not yet realize that it will become a “footnote” in history: the most famous survivor of the marine disaster in the world, the sinking of the Titanic.

The ship, which was heralded as unsinkable at the time, collided with an iceberg and sank, killing 1,500 on board.

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4. This woman falls while dancing on the edge of the balcony on the 25th floor, the apartment occupants are moving quickly

A woman in China fell from the 25th floor after she was previously caught dancing on the edge of a balcony.

On May 6, a number of videos showing the seconds before the woman went viral in “Panda Country”.

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5. Biggest Cyber-Attacked Fuel Pipe, US Declares National Emergency

The US government declared a national emergency after their largest fuel pipe became the target of a cyberattack.

The Colonial Pipeline carries 2.5 million barrels per day, supplying 45 percent of the East Coast’s jet and diesel needs.

On Friday (7/5/2021), the facility was paralyzed by a cyber criminal group and is currently in the process of recovery.

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