global market collapse, 15 million Toyota hybrids and other industry events – Autoreview


First appeared car sales results in April. The French market fell 89% compared to the same month of 2019: only 20,997 new cars were registered due to the pandemic, and this is the lowest result in 70 years. In Spain, sales fell by 97% (to 4163 cars), in the Netherlands – by 53% (to 15373 cars). The US car market also dipped by 53%: about 625 thousand new cars were sold, before similar results were 30 years ago. But India showed the steepest drop – to zero. A total ban on the work of dealerships has led to the fact that in April in the country not a single new car was sold. Sales results in Russia should appear before the end of this week.

Meanwhile, Avtostat estimated that in the first quarter of 2020, the share of cars with automatic transmissions in the Russian market reached 63%. This is a new record: last year the share of double-pedal cars was 59%, and ten years ago – less than 32%.

Company Lamborghini today resumed production at its only plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The company has been idle since March 13 due to a pandemic, but now production processes have been revised to comply with tightened sanitary standards. Moreover, on May 7, Lamborghini has planned the debut of a new model – the track supercar, which will be released in a limited edition.

Hatchback Peugeot 308 the new generation should appear no earlier than the end of 2021. The EMP2 platform will continue, although it will be finalized. The family is expected gasoline, diesel and hybrid versions, and at the top of the gamut will be a “charged” Peugeot 308 R. According to Autocar, it will also be a hybrid – with a 1.6 turbo engine and two electric motors (one on each axis) with a total capacity of over 300 liters .with. Apparently, the “three hundred and eighth” will have a fully electric version, but it has not yet been confirmed.

Crossover introduced in Thailand Toyota C-HR by Karl Lagerfeld, created in conjunction with the fashion house of the same name. The new special version is distinguished by black and white coloring and a similar interior design, and large logos of the fashion brand are placed inside. And the package includes a suitcase, bag, cap and key case, created by Karl Lagerfeld. The price of such a crossover is $ 37,700. So far, the “fashionable” Toyota has been announced only for Thailand.

And also Toyota celebrates the sale of 15 million hybrid cars worldwide (including Lexus subsidiary cars). Of these, approximately 2.8 million were sold in Europe, with hybrids now accounting for 52% of the company’s sales in this region. The first production hybrid of the brand in 1997 was the first-generation Toyota Prius sedan, and in 2005 the benzoelectric Lexus RX entered the market. The current global lineup of the concern includes 44 hybrid models. According to Toyotovs themselves, over 23 years, company hybrids have helped reduce CO emissions2 120 million tons.

Also today we talked about the BYD Han EV electric sedan, the future of BMW M-models and the Dongfeng Aeolus Yixuan GS cross-wagon.


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