Global Health: We will not get enough vaccines to stop Corona for 3 to 6 months

The World Health Organization announced that there will not be enough vaccines to stop Corona for 3 to 6 months, Al Arabiya TV reported in urgent news to it. The World Health Organization stated that the number of new infections with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is still high, despite a slight decrease.

The organization confirmed – according to the (Russia Today) channel – that the number of people infected with Coronavirus in the world had increased by about 4 million during the past week, which is slightly less than in the previous week .. adding that the number of deaths due to the virus increased by about 70 thousand, which is higher. Who registered in the previous week.

The organization recorded 3 million 935,330 cases and 69,916 deaths from 23 to 29 November in all parts of the world. Noting that during the seven days preceding that period, 4 million and 60,891 new cases of coronavirus and 67,221 deaths were recorded, and she stressed that the rate of infection in the world is still high, despite a slight decrease..

The World Health Organization indicated that the death rate continues to increase, while a decrease in cases has been observed in Europe, although it is still the second largest region, after the Americas in this regard, as the number of deaths increased during the past week in Europe by 5% compared to the period from Last November 16 to 22, in Southeast Asia by 4%, and in the Americas by 2%.


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