Global Health: The coming period will be more difficult than the past 9 months of the Corona pandemic

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari, the Regional Director of the Eastern Mediterranean Health Organization, confirmed that the number of deaths in Corona in the countries of the region has reached 76 thousand cases so far, stressing that all preventive measures must be taken and he continued: The coming period will be difficult and perhaps tougher than the past 9 months of the Corona pandemic.

He said during the press conference now held via the Internet about Corona developments in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, that there are more than one vaccine that has reached the final stages, but reaching a vaccine is not the end of the pandemic..

The press conference includes a briefing on the developments in the regional and global situation of the Covid-19 pandemic and the response to the virus in Bahrain through innovative approaches in responding to the epidemic, in addition to other basic health needs and the pandemic response in Pakistan on the importance of WHO technical missions to support the implementation of response strategies to Covid-19 on The country level and the response to the epidemic in Tunisia through success stories, challenges and lessons learned, especially in risk communication and community engagement.


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