Global Health: Corona’s death rate in Egypt due to hospitalization late

Dr. Amjad Al-Khouli, a professor of epidemiology at the World Health Organization, said that the large number of deaths from the Corona virus in Egypt, because the kits go to the hospital after the virus can manage it, and advised any citizen when feeling the symptoms of the virus to go to the nearest hospital to do tests to check on himself, And if he was infected with the virus, he will receive the necessary treatment, and if his condition is negative, he goes while he is assured of his health, stressing that there is another reason, which is the lack of a survey by the Ministry of Health on the number of citizens greater to know the infected, and whether they are in an advanced or medium condition or a late state to provide treatment Necessary for them.

He continued: “The expectations of the World Health Organization, that the numbers of coronavirus infections in the Middle East region will not worsen, due to the early taking of preventive and precautionary measures in the countries of the Middle East, and advised the Egyptians to avoid eating ferries and herring during the celebration of smelling the breeze..

Al-Khouli added, during a phone call to the “Al-Youm” program broadcast on a channel “dmc”Introduction, Sarah Hazem, that there are fears of an increase in the number of Coronavirus infections in Africa, calling on countries of the world to tighten preventive measures to avoid an increase in infections.

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